3 Exciting Jobs in Criminal Justice

3 Exciting Jobs in Criminal Justice

Considering a career in criminal justice? There are lots of jobs in this field, making it important to weigh your options and determine what will satisfy your needs. As you evaluate your career, learn more about these non-traditional roles.

3 Criminal Justice Careers

The information below is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in November 2019.

Fish & Game Warden

Sheriffing the outdoors, these criminal justice professionals work in recreational and conservation areas. As such, it's not unusual for them to work in national parks or even public waterways. If you want to protect wildlife and natural habitats while keeping the public safe, this is the criminal justice career for you.

Probation Officer

If you want to keep the community safe while helping others, you'll find work as a probation officer rewarding. While it's still your job to enforce the law, these professionals aim to help recently released parolees assimilate back into their communities. As such, probation officers have the opportunity to provide support in a critical time of transition.

US Marshal

Dating back to 1789, US marshals wear many hats. Protecting key witnesses, transporting federal prisoners and making arrests are just a few job responsibilities. And with the ability to cross jurisdictional lines, marshals can make arrests in foreign countries. Needless to say, there will never be a boring day on the job.

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