Everything you need to know before going to Culinary School

Everything you need to know before going to Culinary School

Not many careers allow you to explore your creativity, talent, and passion quite like the culinary arts. Chefs prepare delicious meals, often provide leadership as restaurant managers, and deliver expert customer service.

Do you have a passion for food—the ingredients, the presentation and, of course, the taste? If so, culinary school could be your calling.

What are the culinary arts?

Culinary arts is the art of preparation, cooking and presentation of food. Professionals in the culinary arts field apply in-depth knowledge and technical skills to prepare and present quality food. Those who combine creativity, multi-tasking, attention to detail, and the ability to work well with others are well-suited for a career in the culinary arts.

What types of jobs are in this field?

Culinary careers are often set in restaurants, hotels, private households, and other food service establishments. Some self-employed chefs run their own restaurants or catering businesses. These are a few common positions held within the field:

  • Line Cook - Prepare ingredients for a particular station and work with other cooks to coordinate cooking timing
  • Prep Cook - Wash, cut, slice, and dice vegetables and other ingredients
  • Caterer - Provide direct service to attendees at special events such as weddings and parties
  • Banquet Cook - Responsible for preparation and presentation at large events

Get cooking in the culinary field!

A career in the culinary arts requires training to develop the technique, precision, and artistic skills necessary to be successful. With quality training and hands-on experience, the Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management program at The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts can prepare you with the skills you'll need to start your career. Our talented, dedicated instructors will train you in well equipped teaching kitchens and a theater style demonstration kitchen.

To learn more about how we can get you the training and experience you need in as few as 20 months, visit our website to learn more about the program. Now is the time to get cooking!