Everything parents should know about trade schools

Everything parents should know about trade schools

Guiding your student on making the decision between trade schools vs. college

Soon after your child receives their diploma at their high school graduation, they will likely start to look ahead to which direction they want to take their future. With so many post-secondary education options available, it's important to educate yourself on each one. By doing so, you and your child can make the best choice.

Trade schools are often the best decision for students who want to take an accelerated and specialized approach at obtaining a rewarding and in-demand career. If that applies to your student, here is a background to help identify what is a trade school.

A focus on being career-ready

A key factor that sets trade schools apart from college is the time it takes for students to complete their programs. Trade schools are able to provide accelerated learning formats that get students into the workforce quicker. Because they squarely focus on developing the skills students need in their future careers, many programs can be completed in less than two years.

Trade schools prepare students for their new careers in an efficient and effective way. Students don't spend time on traditional general education classes. Instead, they are given the opportunity to use their time to gain practical, hands-on experience in the classroom.

Specialized career paths

Enrolling in a trade school can be a great option for students who find their chosen career path isn't offered with other options. These schools focus on specialized career paths that don't require a bachelor's degree. Some of these unique programs include Dental Assisting, Electrical Technology, and Medical Billing and Coding. Without trade schools, these jobs would be difficult to fill.

Skills beyond the classroom

Along with learning the skills needed for your chosen program, trade schools often incorporate career development training as part of the curriculum. Before they begin the job hunt, students will learn effective interview skills, such as preparing a list of questions that should be asked or what to wear for an interview. Advisors will also review the valuable soft skills employers are seeking, like teamwork or maintaining a positive attitude.

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