Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology

Contractors and companies of all sizes are looking for Electrical Technicians with the right knowledge and skills to complete the toughest jobs on time.

From specialty trade contractors to communications companies, today's Electrical Technicians can work for a variety of employers. Many Electrical Technicians work for residential contractors or commercial builders. Day to day job duties may include reading electrical blueprints, wiring and installation of junction boxes, outlet boxes and lighting. Manufacturing companies and factories also employ Electrical Technicians to install and maintain their complex electrical equipment and machinery. Communications and technology companies utilize technicians to install various types of cable, splice and prepare cable connections, and test signal efficiencies. Additional employment opportunities may include security companies, home improvement and home entertainment installation, civil traffic departments, healthcare facilities and more.

YTI's Electrical Technology program combines qualified instruction with the electrical lab facilities and tools you'd find on your first day of work. YTI's simulated work setting can provide you with the technician skills and experience for which employers are looking.

Program Details

  • Program offered at YTI-York
  • Program length: 9 months
  • Credits: 48
  • Graduates earn a Diploma

Why YTI?

At YTI, you're taught by instructors who have actually worked in the field - so you benefit from their real-world knowledge.

Scholarship Opportunities
YTI has several High School Scholarship opportunities available at our York and Lancaster campuses.

Job Placement Assistance
While employment is not guaranteed, our Career Services Department networks with prospective employers to match businesses that have employment needs with YTI graduates suited for those positions.