Student Life

Student Life

Meet with the Student Services Department at YTI Career Institute to help plan your transportation, child care, housing and more. We'll help you get organized so you're ready to concentrate on your career training. And don't forget to ask about upcoming events and extracurricular activities. They are your opportunity to get involved, make new friends and have fun!

Child Care

Many students who attend YTI need to find affordable child care during school and work times. The Student Services Department is available to lead students to local and state resources that may be available to them.

Clubs & Activities

Visit with the Student Services Department to learn about clubs and upcoming activities.

Health Care and Services

Each year an increasing number of students find that they are no longer covered by their parents' insurance or that higher co-pays and deductibles leave them with much greater out-of-pocket expenses for health care than in the past. To assist students in finding insurance, YTI has established relationships with organizations that provide benefits and services to students.

Housing Assistance

The Housing Assistance Program serves primarily as a housing referral agency. We prepare monthly housing lists and provide other useful information for our students.

Learning Resource Center

The Library/LRC provides instructional and research tools and promotes the development of information literacy skills.

Part-time Job Assistance

Part-time work can help you meet your financial obligations and provide you with valuable work experiences. YTI's Student Services stay in contact with local companies to keep a current listing of open positions. Some companies offer tuition assistance to part-time employees!

Also, part-time work may be available at YTI through the Federal Work-Study Program. Your Financial Planner can supply details on the program.

Personal Counseling Services

YTI recognizes students may face a wide range of life challenges. Therefore, YTI maintains a contractual relationship with WellSpan Health Services to provide enrolled students with free confidential counseling and support.


From carpooling to bus routes, the Student Services Department can guide students to the resources that are available to obtain transportation to and from school.