Health Care and Services

Health Care and Services

Post-secondary tuition is a costly investment and an unforeseen accident or illness could create a serious financial burden to continuing that education. Each year an increasing number of students find that they are no longer covered by their parent's insurance or that higher co-pays and deductibles leave them with much greater out-of-pocket expenses for health care than in the past.

Dental and Vision

YTI Career Institute students have access to high-value dental and vision benefits through Dominion Dental Services.

Dental Benefits

  • Three unique options
  • Use a network dentist or any dentist
  • Coverage for over 250 services including fillings, crowns, root canals, orthodontia and more
  • Simple online enrollment and administration

Vision Benefits

  • Extensive coverage for eye exams, eyeglass lenses, frames and contact lenses
  • Discounts on LASIK laser vision correction
  • Access to over 42,000 vision providers nationwide

Health Insurance

No one plans to get sick or hurt. Having health care coverage can help plan for those unforeseen injuries and illnesses. If you are in of need health care, it's important to know what your options are.

Students are responsible for decisions and cost regarding their own medical treatment. YTI assumes no obligation or liability for medical expenses on behalf of students. Medical claims should be submitted to their own insurance companies.

  • Have your parent check to see if you can continue to be covered under their insurance plan. In some instances, dependents under the age of 26 without health insurance through an employer, to be covered by their parents' plan.
  • Check with your employer or your spouse's employer to see if they offer health care options to their employees and families.
  • If you are active military or a veteran, benefits are available through the Veterans Health Administration. Contact your local Veteran Affairs office for additional information.

You may find that your only option is to find an individual health insurance plan.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a Health Insurance Policy:

  1. Know what you 'must have.'
    1. Sudden injuries or illnesses can't be foreseen. But some needs may be expected. For example, if you have been diagnosed with or have a family history of diabetes, you may want to make sure that screenings and prescriptions are included.
  2. If you have a preferred physician or hospital, make sure they are in the plan network you are considering. This will help keep out-of-network cost lower.
  3. Budget accordingly.
    1. Know how much you will spend each month on your plan.
    2. Consider your spouse and/or dependents that need to be included on your plan. This may increase the cost of your plan.
    3. Factor in the cost of medications that you take on a regular basis and scheduled well visits.
    4. Keep money aside for ‘emergency needs' such as, sudden injuries or illnesses.
  4. Look at more than one plan when reviewing your options. Speak with Health Care representatives to ask questions and fully understand your options before signing up for a plan.

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