How Will IT Certifications Help Your Career?

computer certification student
computer certification student

How Will IT Certifications Help Your Career?

IT is ever-changing. What was cutting edge just a few months ago can become tired and old. If you want to work in information technology, you need to keep up. And you’ll need to prove that you have. That’s where certifications come in. IT certifications can help your career by giving you—and your employer—more confidence in your abilities. They can also give you an edge over the competition.

Benefits of IT Certifications

Certifications give you credentials. Those credentials show that you have expertise in a specific area.

  • Test Your Knowledge—At the very base of any certification exam is its ability to test what you know. Certifications offer a guarantee of your knowledge and lend credibility to your position.
  • Give Employers Confidence—When you add those credentials to your resume, it shows your current or future employer that you know what you need to know. It also shows that you’re open to learning and will do what it takes to continually hone your skills.
  • It Gives You an Edge—Not all professionals are proactive. Even though any IT professional can make the effort to earn additional credentials, they may not. This gives you an edge over your competition when you look for a job. An employer may be more willing to hire you than someone without credentials.
  • Meet Requirements—In some companies, certifications aren’t just a perk; they’re required!

Types of IT Certifications

There are many types of IT certifications available to professionals. At YTI Career Institute, we prepare our students for three different certifications in our computer-related programs:

  • CompTIA A+ Certificate: This is an entry-level certification that verifies you are skilled in the installation, maintenance, customization, and operation of personal computers. The exam includes questions on hardware and software, mobile devices, networking, and connectivity issues. The certification used to be issued for a lifetime, but now you’ll need to recertify every three years.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional: The MCP certification has evolved this year to include more role-based exams. Previously, IT professionals had to go through the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Developer, or Expert exams. If you have already earned these credentials, they’ll be verified through the next two years. If you’re ready to start on the new certifications, you can choose a pathway-specific to your job such as developer, administrator, or solutions architect. You can also earn certifications in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, or Microsoft Word.
  • Network+ Certification: This certification, which is also offered by CompTIA, verifies that you know how to properly manage computer networks. The exam consists of 90 questions on network security and operations, infrastructure, networking tools, and basic concepts. Like the A+ certification, the Network+ credential will need to be renewed every three years.


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