3 Ways to Improve Your Job Search During the Pandemic

job search computer
job search computer

3 Ways to Improve Your Job Search During the Pandemic

Whether you currently have a job, need a job, or just want to see what’s out there, these are extraordinary times. It wasn’t long ago that jobs were plentiful and the process to new employment most definitely included at least one or two in-person interviews. Now people work from home and companies routinely hire without ever meeting a job candidate face-to-face. That’s good—and bad. There are jobs in Health Information Technology and Billing & Coding that you may be able to get and perform from home. On the other hand, it’s not always easy to network and connect with others when no one wants you to walk through their door. That doesn’t mean you can’t look for a new job during the pandemic. You can. Here’s how to improve your job search during the pandemic:

1. Focus on the Right Industries with Your Job Search

Although travel, service, manufacturing, and retail have been negatively impacted during the pandemic, other sectors are thriving. In fact, healthcare is expected to add more jobs than any other industry. IT is also an in-demand field and even entry-level positions might be available. For example, in a state like Pennsylvania, there is a demand for IT Support Specialists. So, if you are unemployed, now may be the time to rethink the job you had and consider a career that could be in-demand into the future.

2. Make a Job of Finding a Job

Especially if you’re unemployed, your new job is finding a job. That means spending time every day doing something that will get you closer to your goal of finding employment:

  • Update Your Resume: Make certain your resume reflects all the skills and experience you have. And don’t forget to include transferrable skills. For example, you probably learned a lot about customer service if you ever waited tables or worked in retail. That’s an invaluable skill to have no matter the field.
  • Look Through Job Postings: Set aside a time and space every day to look online at job postings. Check out online job portals such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor. But don’t forget to consider individual companies. If know people who work for a company they love, check it out.
  • Build a LinkedIn Profile: More than 20 million companies are on LinkedIn. If you’re not on the platform, you’re making a big mistake. Create a profile, network with others, and let the internet know you’re available for employment.
  • Network with Professionals: Whether it’s in-person or online, get out there and get to know people in the profession you want to enter.

3. Get Training and Experience for the Job

Downtime is the right time to get up and do something. The pandemic has changed everyone’s life but let it change yours for the better. At YTI Career Institute, we offer a wide variety of career training programs that help you get started on a new path. Check out our offerings in Business, Computers, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, and Trades.

Ready for a career change? Choose a career training program that will teach you the necessary skills you need to step out into the real world and begin working as a professional in your field on day one. At YTI Career Institute, our mission is to support committed students in achieving the technical and professional skills essential for their chosen career through industry-modeled, student-centered education, and training. Fill out the form to learn more now.