3 ways trade schools benefit from employer connections

3 ways trade schools benefit from employer connections

Highlighting the advantages of schools and businesses working together to help trade school careers

Trade schools not only strive to provide our students with a high-quality education, but they also work diligently with local businesses to connect students to employers. Career services specialists have established relationships with area businesses and are eager to help you make the transition between school and a career.

Here a few ways that those connections can help you in your future trade school job.

Securing externships for students

Trade schools encourage a curriculum that emphasizes practical learning, using the tools and equipment students will experience in the field. Ensuring our students get this valuable experience is why schools often will require an externship for their programs. Students are paired with local businesses to complete externship, where they gain valuable on-the-job knowledge and skills from those with years of industry experience.

YTI Career Institute works closely with area businesses in order to help place our students in externships and trade school careers in the community.

Career Fairs

Whether you're a current student or a recent graduate, career fairs can be the launch pad you need to your future career. Campuses will often organize career fairs for students to learn about potential job openings and establish valuable connections with industry leaders.

Career fairs are excellent ways to connect students to potential employers. Employers will often come to YTI Career Institute because they're confident our students are receiving the education and training they need in order to succeed in trade school jobs.

Specialized programs

Trade schools are known for being at the cusp of industry changes and trends. At YTI, our programs are constantly reviewed and improved upon in order to keep up with industry demands. We keep a close eye on market changes and shift, as well as the employment gaps within our area, in order to build upon and create programs tailored to fit these gaps in the workforce.

By having open communication with local businesses, we can recognize their needs and work on developing those skills with our students in their respective programs. By doing so, we make our students more employable job candidates.

Attending a school that works closely with area businesses provides you with a support system that can help you land a trade school job after graduation. Learn more about YTI and our programs at www.TheFutureIWantNow.com/YTI.