Why you should train to become a dental assistant

Why you should train to become a dental assistant
Why you should train to become a dental assistant

Why you should train to become a dental assistant

From administrative tasks to chairside assisting, dental assistants play a vital role as part of a dental team. They provide patient care, take x rays, keep records, and schedule appointments. Below we explore some of the best parts about being a dental assistant. Is a career in dental assisting for you?

Help Patients Become More Confident

Many people like the fresh, clean smile they have following a trip to the dental office. By preparing rooms for cleanings and working closely with dentists during procedures, dental assistants can find satisfaction in helping their patients feel more confident!

Educate Patients on Oral Health

Relying on their strong communication skills, dental assistants are often educators in the dental office. They might show patients how to properly brush and floss their teeth, or discuss the impact that their oral hygiene can have on their overall health. In some cases, they provide instructions on how to care for their mouth after surgery and information for follow-up dental care.

Help Ease Patient's Fears

The dental office can be a place that many people don't like to visit. Many patients, especially first-time visitors, feel anxious and unsure of what's to come. Dental assistants can ease their fears by telling them what they can expect from their procedure, and by answering any questions they may have. As a first point of contact when entering the office, dental assistant can put patients at ease from the start with a friendly smile and a warm welcome.

Perform a Variety of Duties

As a Dental Assistant, you're on the move performing a variety of tasks. You can work on both the clinical and administrative sides of the dentist's office doing things like assisting the dentist during procedures, prepping rooms, taking x rays, greeting patients, scheduling appointments, and ordering office supplies. A dental assisting career is for those who like to stay busy!

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