Choosing Career Training

Choosing Career Training

Two representatives from the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) visited YTI Career Institute – Lancaster. APSCUF represents nearly 6,000 faculty members and coaches employed at Pennsylvania's 14 publicly owned universities.

They set up lights and cameras, ready to interview students on why they decided to pursue career education. I had a chance to speak with a few of these students as they waited for their on camera interview.

Cherie Lewis, 23 years old, attended a community college for 3 years before she dropped out and decided to go to YTI. 3 years into college without getting into her major was a bit disturbing for her. There were too many general education courses. Lewis says, "At YTI, you dive right in." She said the faculty and staff at YTI are very personable and take time to help you. At the community college she met with her advisor once and the instructors didn't take the time to work with her one on one. She mentioned how it's team oriented at YTI and she enjoys it.

Tara Tyson, 30 years old, also continued her education after high school and went to a traditional 4 year college, on her parents' will. They wanted to ensure her success and help her avoid the struggles they experienced. Tyson's road to success wasn't what her parents' envisioned. She didn't want to go to a traditional 4 year college and everything was a battle when she got there. She dropped out and started working. Throughout her 10 years in the workforce, she was laid off numerous times and finally decided she needed to go back to school. Career education is what she wanted in the beginning and now she has it.

It all falls down to personal choice. It's what works for you. Everyone is different and learns differently. YTI Career Institute has been helping committed students attain rewarding careers through industry-modeled, student-centered, training and support of the highest caliber for over 40 years.