The Dos and Don'ts of a cover letter

The Dos and Don'ts of a cover letter

A cover letter is just as important as a résumé, so don't let your cover letter be an afterthought. Your cover letter can say a lot about you and your work ethic, and should complement your résumé. Here are the cover letter dos and don'ts:

Do Personalize It
Tailor your cover letter and résumé to the position. Your cover letter should speak directly to the business and position you're applying for, never mass submit a generic letter. If there's a name provided in the job posting, address the letter specifically to that person. Consider incorporating some of the keywords that are in the job posting, but don't force it.

Don't Copy and Paste from Your Résumé
A cover letter should say something new. It's important not to repeat or simply reword what your résumé already says. A cover letter is an opportunity for you to expand upon your skills and explain why you're the perfect fit for the job.

Don't Ramble On
Hiring managers may have to sift through hundreds of résumés and cover letters, so make yours concise and to the point. A lengthy letter will most likely get thrown right in the trash along with your résumé.

Don't Focus on What the Company Can Do for You
It's great to mention that the position is an opportunity you're excited about. But, it's even more important to specifically say how you and your skills will benefit the company.

Do Include Specific Examples
Use examples from your past experience that endorse your skills and achievements. Don't just state that you're motivated. Provide a specific example that proves it and highlights your accomplishments. For example, instead of simply saying you're organized, explain how your organizational skills helped reach a goal.

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