Four ways Career Services can help you on your journey

Four ways Career Services can help you on your journey

Why Career Services is an essential part of student life at YTI Career Institute

Many students choose career education or trade schools as a faster pathway to their future career. Making that jump to the real world can be intimidating, but with the right tools in place, it doesn't have to be.

Our Career Services department at each campus helps pave the way for future student success by outlining goals, coaching students on professional development skills and connecting them to business leaders in the community.

A Guide for Your Journey

Upon enrolling at YTI Career Institute, you will be assigned a Career Services Specialist, who will work with you throughout your journey in identifying goals and assist you in finding the right employment opportunity to match your skillset. Your Career Services Specialist will be there for you along the way and make sure that you make a smooth transition into the workforce upon graduation.

Getting you Ready for the Job Hunt

In addition to learning material in the classroom that is relevant to your program, you will receive professional development skills training that graduates will need on the job hunt. Students will learn effective interview tactics — from how to dress on a job interview to how to answer questions employers will ask. Specialists will also sit down with you to provide resume and cover letter tips, as well as review job search engines before you start applying to career opportunities in your field.

Creating Connections

There's no better chance to learn about your program's career paths than at career fairs. The Career Services department will regularly organize job fairs and networking events on campus that feature prospective employers from a variety of fields. At these events, you can network with local businesses and determine which type of job is right for you within your field.

Graduation Isn't the End

Just because you graduated from YTI Career Institute, it doesn't mean that your access to Career Services ends. YTI Career Institute offers many of the same tools as it does to students, including networking skills and mock interviews, to assist with the job search. YTI alumni are always welcome to attend our campus Career Fairs, which are attended by employers interested in graduates from many of YTI's catalog of programs.

Visit our website to schedule a campus visit to see firsthand how the YTI can help you begin your future career.