Now is the time to get cooking

Now is the time to get cooking

The Culinary industry is looking for skilled, "job ready" employees! If you're passionate about food-the ingredients, the presentation and, of course, the taste-opportunity awaits in the Culinary Arts.

Although restaurant-goers may not be aware of it, the restaurant industry in America is facing an ongoing problem: from New York to San Francisco, there is a shortage of skilled employees.*

Restaurants and bakeries across the country are looking for the right people with the passion and creativity for long term employment. At The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts-a division of YTI Career Institute-Lancaster, our Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management program combines qualified, experienced instructors with industry modeled kitchens and a private, fully functional restaurant. You'll get the experience you need in a professional culinary setting, with the kinds of utensils and equipment you'd find on your first day of work.

The most skilled culinary positions will grow faster than the rest of the American workforce. BLS projects that between 2014 and 2024 we will see a 9% growth in Chefs and Head Cooks. Not only are kitchen positions in high demand, they also require middle skills - skills which employers have found to be lacking in the modern workforce.*

On top of culinary skills, you will also learn professional development skills, restaurant management and practice your recently acquired skills during a three month externship. Our graduates are ready to step into exciting careers doing something they love with the skills employers are looking for!

Get cooking! Contact The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts at 1-800-795-0971 today or click here to request info!

*Source: Shortage of Skills: The Culinary Sector, posted online by The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities at