Giving back at the holiday season

Giving back at the holiday season

Creating a sense of community on campus at YTI Career Institute

Many YTI Career Institute students are given more than a diploma when they finish their schooling. By taking advantage of the many opportunities to give back through fundraising and community service, students are also given a sense of pride knowing they have impacted their communities significantly.

Realizing the importance

During the swing of the holiday season and academic year, it can be easy to take something as simple as access to a warm meal for granted. Since the community is such an integral part of the hospitality industry, students consistently seek ways of utilizing and practicing their skills to help those around them in need.

Pennsylvania School for the Culinary Arts students addressed this head-on when they came together to organize, prepare, and execute a Thanksgiving feast for 400 people in the community.


Respiratory Therapy students at the Altoona campus have chosen to make a career out of helping others, and they aren't just stopping there. These students spent their summer days giving back to the Central Pennsylvania community through multiple fundraising events that raised $1,603 for the sixth annual Beacon of Light on Lung Cancer Benefit Walk as part of Health-O-Rama.

In turn, the Respiratory Therapy program received support through lectures, graduation speeches, externships, and networking opportunities from the Lung Disease Center and its doctors. The relationship even saw employment opportunities for several of the campus' Allied Health programs.

Recognizing the need, and acting on it

Many animal shelters across the nation are suffering from the same issue - overcapacity. This makes the animals inside desperate to find loving homes to play in. Students at the York campus recognized this need and decided to step in and make a change.

The York County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is dedicated to providing permanent and loving homes for displaced and stray animals. Students enrolled in the Computer Systems Specialist program recognized the importance of the SPCA to the York community and hosted a LAN party to raise money for the organization. Not only did the students raise over $1,000 for the York County SPCA, they gained valuable hands-on experience in their field by configuring and networking the video game consoles for the party.

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