Going back to school for Senior year and beyond

Going back to school for Senior year and beyond

As advertisements for "back to school" shopping seem to be everywhere, chances are you are not just planning for your senior year but also what you are going to do after graduation. A traditional four year college, going straight into the workforce and community college are just a few of your options. One possibility you might not have on your shopping list, and should, is career training.

Career Training Programs

A career school, also known as a trade school or vocational school, offers training programs that can prepare you for a specific career. Instead of lecture halls and unrelated coursework, you’ll get hands-on experience, on-site training, and education specific to your career field. Programs are offered in a variety of career fields, from computer networking and culinary arts to medical assisting and skilled trades.

Immediately Employable-Skills

Career training programs are created with the goal of giving you the job skills needed to be successful in your future career. As an alternative to a traditional two or four-year college, your training is streamlined so you'll learn in an accelerated format that allows you to start working in your chosen career field sooner.

As you begin your senior year, now is the time to start exploring your post-graduation options! YTI Career Institute can help you learn everything you need to know about training at a career school. Call 1.800.795.0971 to talk to a friendly Career Program Specialist about YTI's programs or schedule a campus tour today!