How to Be the Best Restaurant Manager You Can Be

restaurant manager
restaurant manager

How to Be the Best Restaurant Manager You Can Be

A restaurant manager’s job is fast-paced and full of variety. You have your hand in every aspect of the business, from hiring to managing to marketing. You can have a great impact on the customer’s experience, as well as the business itself. The better you do your job, the better for everybody! Here are 5 tips to be the best restaurant manager you can be:

Do the Work Around the Restaurant Yourself

When you become a manager, you should feel proud of your position—but not so proud that you won’t still do some of the tough your staff does. Bus tables when it’s busy, take a drink order, do some clean up. You’ll better understand how every part of the restaurant operates, and you’ll gain the respect of your employees.

Focus on Staff Retention with Your Restaurant

Staff come and go in the restaurant business, but the pattern can be bad for business. For one thing, it takes time and money to advertise the positions, go through the hiring process, and train new staff. Staff turnover can lead to inconsistency in service and food quality, which can make you lose customers. What can you do to motivate your staff to stay?

  • Show your appreciation for their work
  • Get to know them as people
  • Offer incentives for good work, such as raises or bonuses

Plan Ahead When You Manage Your Restaurant

Customers will complain. Health inspectors will arrive unexpectedly. Staff will call out sick and leave a gap in coverage. All of these problems will naturally arise, and as the manager, it’ll be up to you to deal with them. Plan ahead for a variety of problems so you can handle them with ease when the moment arrives. For example, have a list of reliable staff who are available to help out when someone calls out sick. Also, be proactive. Create your own to-do list and give yourself a deadline to check off each task.

Connect with Your Customers at the Restaurant

It’s easy to stay locked in your office, but that’s not why you went into the restaurant business! Get out there and greet your customers. Take the time to walk around the restaurant and ask people how their meals are. Thank them for coming. If they see that you appreciate them and their business, they’re more likely to come back. Plus, you can get valuable feedback from them. And if you can’t connect in person, go digital. Create a Facebook profile or an Instagram account to engage with your customers online. It’s a great way to connect and a great marketing tool for the business.

Find a Mentor to Help with Restaurant Management

Experience is a great teacher, but it doesn’t always need to be your experience. You can learn from others’ experiences too. Find a seasoned restaurant owner or manager who could mentor you and share what they’ve learned from their time in the industry. Reach out to the manager of a restaurant you like. Get to know them online or in-person. Start a relationship—and see where it goes.


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