Juggle school, work and life: Here's how

Juggle school, work and life: Here's how

You want a career, not just a job. But you don't know how to add even more to your busy life. You have work and family and even a social life. Can you really fit career training into that already hectic schedule? Yes, you can! If you follow these 5 tips to juggle school, work, and life:

First, determine how much time you actually have. We're all busy, but until you sit down and take a hard look at the way you spend your time, you won't know exactly how you can fit school into your schedule. If you work full time, consider attending evening classes. If you have children, maybe you can postpone your own career training until fall, when your kids go back to school. Or, perhaps your children have activities that keep them busy all summer. Could right now be the perfect time for you to start your education?

Choose a goal and set a path. It's easier to believe you can fit career training into your life if you know you'll love what you'll be doing. So choose a goal and figure out how to make it happen! Have you always wanted to work in culinary arts? Or do you have a knack for problem-solving and love computers? You can turn your passion into a career with the right career training, determination and, most importantly, a plan to make it happen.

Make a realistic schedule. Once you've decided on the program that will provide you with the needed training, set a schedule that works for you. Remember, it's not enough to block off class time. You'll also have to make time to study and prepare for school. Include the time you'll need for work, family, and friends. Details count. If you normally go to the grocery store twice a week, can you condense it down to once a week? Can you combine errands to save both time and money? Use a weekly calendar to lay everything out; this will keep your organized and productive.

Ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for a little help on your way to your goal. Your future is worth it! If you need assistance with childcare or dinner preparation, tell your friends and family why. They'll be glad to share in your plan for success.

Accept some sacrifice. Understand that juggling school, work and all your other commitments will take some sacrifices. You may have to say no to time out with friends or family, or have to DVR your favorite show for a while. In the long-term, your short-term sacrifices will seem a small price to pay.

Are you up for the challenge of juggling school and life? YTI Career Institute can help you make it happen. We run programs all year long, have day and evening classes, and a wide variety of career training programs. One might be right for you!