The skills gap is real

The skills gap is real

How trade schools are playing a part in closing the skills gap

It's likely a term you've heard about in the news: the skills gap, or the gap between the number of skilled job candidates and the number of open jobs that U.S. employers struggle to fill based on lack of candidates with appropriate skills.

Why is this happening? Workforce experts cite young potential employees who are struggling to break into the workforce, as well as mid-career workers who have lost their jobs due to layoffs or factory closings. What they both have in common: a lack of strong skills that employers need for positions they want to have filled.

Is the skills gap real?

The skills gap is significant: according to the National Federation of Independent Business, they found that 45 percent of small businesses reported they were unable to find qualified applicants for openings.

The Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University reports 55 million job openings between 2010 and 2020 will require either an associate's degree or a postsecondary vocational certificate.

In Pennsylvania, key industries are unable to find enough sufficiently trained workers to fill middle-skill jobs (those what require education beyond high school, but not a four-year degree). These jobs account for 54 percent of the state's labor market, but only 43 percent of Pennsylvania's workers are trained for these jobs.

Closing the skills gap

That's where quality career education programs available at YTI can help address this skills gap. YTI Career Institute offers a variety of programs in high-demand fields, including business administration, dental and medical assistant, criminal justice and first response, just to name a few.

Students also have the opportunity to get hands-on training employers are seeking and gain professional experience during their time at YTI. This in-depth career education experience can also include job shadowing and externships, which provide students with short practical experiences in their field of study.

There are ways you can achieve your career goals, gain the education and experience you need, while also meeting the needs of employers. Go to today to find out how YTI can get you on the path toward a rewarding career.