What can my campus' Student Services Department do for me?

What can my campus' Student Services Department do for me?

How YTI Career Institute supports students during their journey to the working world

Choosing to pursue career training can be an exciting decision as you begin to imagine your career path and the future you want. But life doesn't stop just because you're a student. What's important is that life's obstacles don't prevent you from focusing on what matters most: Your education.

That's why all of our campuses offer Student Services to help you plan your transportation, child care, housing and more. We're here to equip you with the tools you need to be successful in your program and to pursue your path forward for the future you want.

Part-Time Job Assistance
Many students choose to work during their time in school, both to meet financial obligations and to gain valuable work experience. Student Services works to compile an updated listing of part-time jobs in the community to assist committed students in finding the right part-time job for them.

From organizing carpooling to identifying bus routes, our team works to guide students to the available resources for transportation to and from campus.

Child Care
Your children are important to you. Oftentimes we hear from students that the reason they're pursuing a new career is for their kids, demonstrating the importance of education and hard work in achieving your goals. For students seeking child care during school or work hours, Student Services can help individuals find local and state resources to help.

If you've traveled to enroll in one of our career training programs — or if life circumstances change during the program — Student Services is here to help you explore independent housing opportunities.

And More!
Recognizing that several other life circumstances can prevent you from focusing on your education, Student Services can also assist students in finding health insurance and services, connecting with counseling services, and engaging with the on-campus Learning Resource Center.

Beyond the classroom, Student Services also regularly offers clubs, activities and events that encourage students to get involved on campus and build lasting friendships with other students.

When you make the choice to focus on your education, that decision is worthy of celebration! Student Services is here to support you so you can concentrate on your career training.

Go to TheFutureIWantNow.com/YTI today to get information on how Student Services can help you on your path to a rewarding career at YTI Career Institute.