What's a Career Where I Can Work with Animals?

veterinary technician with dog
veterinary technician with dog

What's a Career Where I Can Work with Animals?

If you love, love, love animals, of course you want to a figure out a way to incorporate them into your career plans. But don’t worry, you don’t need to spend the next decade of your life in school training to become a veterinarian. There are lots of careers that let you work with animals.

For example, you could be a groomer, or dog walker, or a pet sitter. But if you want a respected career with a prediction for much faster than average job growth into the future, you may want to consider the career of a veterinary technician.

What Does a Veterinary Technician Do?

A lot!

As a Vet Tech, you’d work with those animals you love up close and personal. And under the supervision of the Veterinarian, you’d perform a whole range of technical, clinical, clerical, care, and laboratory tasks.

Some Clinical & Technical Tasks a Veterinary Technician Might Do

  • Draw blood
  • Insert catheters
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Take and develop x-rays
  • Restrain animals for exams and treatment
  • Prep animals for surgery
  • Assist in surgery
  • Administer IVs and anesthesia
  • Administer medications and vaccines

Laboratory Tasks a Veterinary Technician Might Perform

  • Take blood, urine, and stool samples
  • Compile and organize test results
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Maintain and sterilize equipment
  • Record info about animal behavior, diet, size, and weight
  • Facilitate animal reproduction in labs
  • Assist Veterinarians and scientists with biomedical research

Animal Care Responsibilities of a Veterinary Technician

  • Provide emergency first aid
  • Treat wounds and change dressings
  • Feed and provide water
  • Clean and disinfect cages
  • Walk and exercise animals
  • Monitor condition and behavior
  • Perform grooming tasks like bathing and nail clipping
  • Educate animal owner about condition and care

Clerical Responsibilities a Veterinary Technician Might Have

  • Take animals’ medical histories
  • Write reports
  • Maintain health and billing records
  • Prepare and label medications
  • Collect payments
  • Schedule appointments
  • Take inventory and order supplies
  • Respond to emails and phone calls
  • Provide follow-up care and correspondence

Where Do Veterinary Technicians Work?

Think about where you’d encounter a Veterinarian and you’ll could meet a Veterinary Technician too. As a Vet Tech, you might work in a private Veterinary Medicine practice or a large animal clinic. You could work at a zoo or a stable or a kennel. You might work at an animal shelter or a pet store or even a laboratory.

What Do You Think About a Veterinary Technician Career?

If this career path sounds interesting to you, consider enrolling in the Veterinary Technician program at YTI Career Institute. You could earn your Associate in Specialized Technology degree in as few as 21 months. Request more information here to start on your way to a rewarding career working with the animals you love!