More than ever, why healthcare careers are booming in America

More than ever, why healthcare careers are booming in America

Begin your career with these three career paths in the medical field.

As baby boomers continue to get older, reaching retirement age and beyond, the healthcare industry will experience more and more strain. It is estimated that nearly 75 million adults will require additional care brought on by aging. Combined with peak levels of patients with access to affordable health insurance, healthcare careers will be highly in demand in the coming decade.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the healthcare field are expected to grow 19 percent by 2024, adding 2.3 million jobs to the economy.

With the growing need for healthcare jobs, career and technical education has never been more important to help fill the skills gap. YTI Career Institute offers a variety of programs in the medical field, with many offering accelerated programs that may be completed in less than two years to get you working in the field faster.

Here are a few of the healthcare career paths you can choose from at YTI Career Institute.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are some of the most essential positions in the field today. A medical assistant typically handles both clinical and administrative roles within an office, ranging from tasks as simple as greeting patients to more hands-on duties like monitoring vital signs and drawing blood. While most medical assistants work in doctor's offices or clinics, recent trends have seen professionals working in long-term care facilities or nursing home.

Medical Billing and Coding

With national laws requiring medical records to be stored electronically in recent years, medical billing and coding is one of the most relevant positions as healthcare rapidly changes with technology and standards. Medical billing and coding specialists are trained in understanding the complex codes used for billing, insurance claims and medical history. Almost every medical office requires professionals to maintain patient records in order to make patient visits to the doctor a seamless process.


Respiratory Therapy

A respiratory therapist helps patients to find breathing relief and detect any underlying issues before they cause serious long-term damage. YTI Career Institute's Respiratory Therapy program teaches students how to identify chest and lung complications while also learning how to assess asthma, sleep disorders and other breathing concerns. Therapists can go on to work in intensive care units, emergency rooms and doctor's offices.

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