3 ways community involvement in schools helps students

3 ways community involvement in schools helps students

Being involved can have impactful benefits outside the classroom

Upon graduating from school, you walk away with the skills and knowledge you need in order to have a successful professional career. However, learning doesn't happen just inside the classroom or lab. Students who are more involved within their own communities can gain lessons and values that aren't necessarily taught through your program curriculum.

At YTI Career Institute, we pride ourselves on how our students support their surrounding communities through community relations initiatives. See how community involvement in school can positively impact your future as you venture out into the real world.

Meaningful connections

Attending a school that has a strong sense of community can provide you with a feeling of belonging and fitting in. In fact, a strong sense of community means you are more likely to reach out to other students and community members to develop relationships that can make you feel like your investment in education was worth it, according to a Gallup-Purdue Index Report.

Community involvement in schools can also help students feel more comfortable looking to faculty and staff for help and advice. It's important to build relationships with your instructors and advisors so you don't feel like you're on this journey alone. At YTI Career Institute, instructors are often available for additional studying, test preparations, or questions outside the classroom. Our career service professionals can also answer questions about resumes, preparing for a job interview, or best practices for networking.

Community involvement in school can also be a way to interact with area employers. For instance, if you're a student enrolled in the Electrical Technology program assisting in a home build for Habitat for Humanity, you may benefit from networking with other professionals in the community as you gain additional experience.

Practice time management

When you're a student, learning to balance your education and your daily life can be as important as the technical lessons you will learn in the classroom. By incorporating community engagement events and activities with your usual academic schedule, you'll become an expert at organizing and managing your time well — and, time-management is a great skill to master before you enter the workforce, as it's one of the soft skills employers are seeking in job candidates.

Community awareness

Getting involved can help prepare students to be active citizens in their respective communities. Being involved can help make you aware of the needs people are facing and how you can play a role in strengthening your community. Helping those community members in need can be fulfilling and rewarding. Our students engage with industry leaders and community members through fundraising events, food drives, and volunteer activities.

At YTI Career Institute, we're always aspiring to find new ways for our students to become involved, as well. If you're looking at ways to combine community involvement with your learning experience, visit www.TheFutureIWantNow.com/YTI today.