How the Culinary World is Responding to the COVID-19 Virus

Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Responding to COVID-19
Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Responding to COVID-19

How the Culinary World is Responding to the COVID-19 Virus

It’s no surprise that the culinary and restaurant world has suffered due to COVID-19. Between layoffs, shutdowns, limited hours, and more, it’s been challenging for some companies to stay afloat, as well as food and restaurant workers to stay employed. So, how are these places and individuals staying in business during COVID-19? In a recent article written by EHL Insights, there are specific ways and changes that have been implemented to keep the culinary world booming.

Shopping Local

The attraction to farm-fresh produce, meat, and dairy has significantly increased since the outbreak of COVID-19, which has proved well for the smaller business and farmers that are producing goods. People have also found their “pride in place” by turning to individuals with a more personal connection to the area. In addition to that, shoppers know exactly where their food comes from, what treatment they have been given, etc.

Delivery & Pickup Options

One major way that restaurants have been able to stay in business is by implementing either increased delivery and pickup options or introducing them altogether. People quarantining during the initial shutdown were able to get out of their house, even if it was just to drive up to a curb to pick up their food. For restaurants and eateries that were able to accommodate those options, that may have been what was able to keep them afloat and also have their staff working for them.

Outside Dining

Another fairly newer way that the culinary world has adapted to COVID-19 is by creating spaces for outside eating to decrease the amount of people inside. With social distancing, restaurants have had to cut their capacity for inside dining significantly which has allowed for the option to carve out some space outside for more diners to eat.

Symptom Checks

This is another solution that has increased fairly recently. You’ll find a good number of places taking temperatures at the door, asking people if they have felt any COVID-19 related symptoms, and more. In doing that, they’ve been able to monitor the possibility of having someone with COVID-19 entering their establishment.

Extra Safety Precautions

A big thing for a lot of places (not just in the culinary world) is having hand sanitizer stations throughout the building, requiring masks and/or providing masks, placing markers on the floor to show 6 feet apart, and having their workers wear gloves, masks, and get regular symptom checks. Just in doing those things alone, the COVID-19 virus has been able to be monitored in a better way, as well as helping diners feel more comfortable.

With the restaurant and culinary world always adapting to begin with, adding COVID-19 to the mix has proven to be another element that keeps the food business ever-evolving. At YTI Career Institute, students who are interested in the culinary world will be provided with the academic tools needed to be able to jump into the field, even with all of the changes going on. To learn more about the program, visit the program description page or go to the online application portal.