What jobs will trade school prepare me for?

What jobs will trade school prepare me for?
What jobs will trade school prepare me for?

What jobs will trade school prepare me for?

A trade school might also be referred to as a vocational school, a technical institute, or career college. No matter what name is used, the important thing to know is that receiving career-focused education and training can put you on the path to a new, fulfilling career in fields like skilled trades, computers, culinary arts, or healthcare. And while earning a degree or diploma from a trade school doesn't guarantee employment, there are many rewarding jobs awaiting graduates. Check out these opportunities where growth is currently trending faster-than-average:

Skilled Trades

Skilled trades careers are perfect for those who prefer to be on the move, working with their hands, as well as their brain, in residential or commercial settings.

Growth: 7%
Yearly Openings: 79,900

Electricians are needed to install and replace power systems including alternative power generation, such as solar and wind.

Line installers and repairers
Growth: 7%
Yearly Openings: 23,500

Employment of electrical power-line installers and repairers is expected to grow, largely due to increasing electrical grid needs.


Careers in computers and information technology are for creative thinkers who like to solve problems, creating or supporting computer applications, systems, and networks.

Computer network support specialists
Growth: 7%
Job Openings: 16,100

Computer network support specialists will continue to be needed to identify the causes of networking problems, using diagnostic testing software and equipment.

Computer support specialists
Growth: 6%
Job Openings: 58,900

Computer support specialists will be needed to provide technical help and training to users with new hardware or software.

Culinary Arts

Jobs in the culinary arts field are for those who are passionate about food-the ingredients, the presentation and, of course, the taste.

Growth: 8%
Job Openings: 31,300

Population and income growth are expected to result in greater demand for a variety of commercial and retail specialty baked goods, including cupcakes, pies, and cakes.

Chefs and head cooks
Growth: 15%
Job Openings: 24,300

Income growth is expected to result in greater demand for high-quality dishes at a variety of dining venues.


Healthcare careers, either administrative or with direct patient care, are for those who want to help others as part of a medical team.

Dental assistants
Growth: 8%
Job Openings: 56,400

Ongoing research linking oral health and general health will continue to increase demand for preventive dental services and dentists will continue to hire dental assistants to complete routine tasks, allowing dentists to work more efficiently.

Medical records specialists
Growth: 7%
Job Openings: 14,900

Medical records specialists will be needed to convert related health information into standardized codes to be used for insurance reimbursement and other purposes as the population entering older age groups increases.

Medical assistants
Growth: 16%
Job Openings: 123,000

0 The large baby-boom population continues to enter older age groups, which typically have more healthcare concerns than younger age groups and will continue to increase demand for medical services.

Respiratory Therapists
Growth: 14%
Job Openings: 9,400

Growth in the older adult population will lead to an increased prevalence of respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other disorders that restrict lung function.

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