Cybersecurity and what it means for you

Cybersecurity and what it means for you

Modern technology makes your daily life easier in many ways. Do you want to have peace of mind that your information is safe and that your privacy is protected? That's where cybersecurity comes in!

If you have an email account, use online banking, or access your medical history through an online portal, then you'll want to know it's secure. More and more information is organized on computers, stored in the cloud, and transferred over networks. This poses a threat that the information could leak or be the target of terrorism. The government, police, and even insurance companies work hard every day to protect you and your privacy. Join the fight against cybercrime and protect yourself! Create secure passwords, regularly review your privacy settings, update your software, and run a scan to make sure your device is free from viruses. Only enter your credit card information or social security number on a website form if the URL address begins with https, the s meaning its secured.1

Cyberattacks, especially on the healthcare system, are rising. Criminals all around the world hack into networks and databases to steal your credit card and social security number. Almost 90 percent of healthcare providers had a security breach in the last two years, with half of them criminal threats. Many believe this is just the tip of the iceberg, meaning there could be many more breaches that haven't been identified.2

Businesses constantly strive to find ways to fight cybercrime. That means a career helping to protect online information will continue to be important. With a passion for protecting the public, you could join exciting fields including business, information technology, criminal justice, or healthcare. If you have a knack for all things computers, then you might want to consider a career in . If you've always wanted to work in healthcare, then you could start training for a career in .

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