Enjoy cooking? Try one of these career paths

Enjoy cooking? Try one of these career paths

The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts teaches students how to be successful professionals in the world of culinary and pastry arts. This means that our students are well-versed in preparing delicious meals and beautiful desserts, as well as being strong restaurant managers and delivering expert customer service.

Do you have a passion for food, expressing your creativity, and being a leader? Combining these passions into one can result in a rewarding and successful career as a culinary arts professional.

At the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts, you can choose between our two exciting programs, Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management and Pastry Arts. See if either program is a fit for you as you get started on your future.

Pastry Arts Program

The pastry arts industry is an exciting and inspiring field to work in. As a pastry artist, you could be creating baked goods for a variety of events ranging from a toddler's birthday party to a lavish gala within the same week. Pastry artists can begin their careers as pastry or bakery assistants where they produce, prepare, plate, and decorate delicious baked goods like breads, cakes, and pastries.

At the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts, you are taught food and beverage management, sanitation methods, cake decoration, and how to plate restaurant desserts. The Pastry Arts program offers hands-on learning in industry-grade kitchens from skilled and respected instructors.

Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management Program

Our Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management program is where artistic skill, customer service, and technical knowledge come together. Graduates of this program can go on to become caterers, banquet cooks, line cooks, or prep cooks. Each one of these positions requires time management skills, attention to detail, and strong teamwork and creative abilities.

In order to excel and continue improving your skillset, you'll need to have a solid foundation of skills and general culinary knowledge. Students are taught to prepare international dishes and perform various cooking methods like braising, poaching and sautéing. You will also be taught to use industry-standard tools and equipment like blast freezers, pressure cookers, and tilt skillets in order for you to be best prepared to work in kitchens you'll experience in the workplace.

If a rewarding career in this field seems like a good fit for you, we can help you learn everything you need to know about our Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management programs. Call 1.800.795.0971 to talk to a friendly Career Program Specialist or schedule a campus tour today!