Project: Ground-to-Air Defense System

Project: Ground-to-Air Defense System

Missiles these days. They go long and fly high. A recent project by YTI Career Institute's Electronics Engineering Technology program students sought to build a model Ground-to-Air Defense System to defend against a missile attack. Third-term students designed, constructed and tested the entire project from scratch in their Digital Electronics class.

In the model, a missile strike is initiated, then detected and blocked by the Ground-to-Air Defense System. Among the system's components:

  • NPN transistors, relays, voltage regulators, and Arduino UNO micro-controller to assemble the hardware and software input/output interface circuit
  • 120VAC motion sensor to detect the position of the incoming missile
  • Student-assembled shield driven by a 5VDC servo motor
  • 24VDC DEFCON warning system
  • Arduino C's program to control the system
  • DC power supply

Watch the demonstration as our student launches the missile, the missile is detected and the warning light turns yellow then red, and the shield responds to deflect the strike.

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