Will Information Technology Be a Recession-Proof Career?

IT professional
IT professional

Will Information Technology Be a Recession-Proof Career?

In the middle of a pandemic it’s hard to believe there will ever again be something called a recession-proof career. On the other hand, we’ve all discovered how critical technology is as we work—and play—from home. Whether it’s the Electrical Technician who keeps us connected or the IT Specialist who makes sure our network is safe, there are people who have our backs. And we all probably have a much deeper appreciation for technology. But did you know that information technology is a multi-trillion-dollar industry with lots of opportunities for employment?

IT Is a Growth Industry

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and IT jobs will grow much faster than average through 2028. The organization expects IT occupations to generate more than a half million new jobs. Some jobs are in especially high demand and some states employ an abundance of IT workers. For example, Pennsylvania is the number 5 top employer of Computer Support Specialists in the U.S., with more than 22,000 people employed in the speciality.

Why Is There a Demand for IT Employees?

For a variety of reasons, the need for IT employees has increased over the years. Among them are:

  1. Cloud computing: Cloud Computing is the collection of networks, software, and databases that are shared over the internet. It’s a large reason we’re able to stay connected as we work from home. It’s also another trillion-dollar industry that experts predict will weather the COVID-19 storm.
  2. Big data: Like its name implies, big data is about huge amounts of data that companies rely on to gain insights to their business and industry. When they are used effectively data can help leaders make more strategic business decisions.
  3. IT security: Data breaches and cybersecurity attacks cost U.S. businesses and consumers billions of dollars each year. That’s why IT security is big business and people with the skills to help secure networks are important members of an IT team.

How to Attain Information Technology Skills

If you’re curious and tech savvy, a computer career might be right for you. For entry level work, you could learn what you need to know at a career training school. But if you expect to be hired in any market, experience counts. That’s why you’ll want to choose a program that sets you to work on computer equipment and technology you’d find on the job. And if they offer externship opportunity, great! That let’s you try out your classroom and lab skills in the real world. Employers want their people to have technical and professional skills. While there’s practically no such thing as a completely recession-proof career, IT is a field that continues to grow and evolve.


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