Do You Have These First Responder Qualities?

first responders
first responders

Do You Have These First Responder Qualities?

Hopefully, you’ve never been involved in a serious accident or needed to call 911. But if you have, the person coming to your rescue was probably a First Responder. They are quick, able, passionate, and professional people who often put the needs of others before their own. Could you do their job? Before you train to become a First Responder, find out if you have what it takes to be a one.


Do you panic in tough situations? Or are you the one who keeps cool when others are falling apart? One of the most important traits you’ll need as a First Responder is a calm demeanor. It helps you prioritize what needs to be done and move forward in a way that minimizes risk. It also sends a message to others that things are under control. What you don’t need at any stressful or dangerous event are frightened and confused people making matters worse.


It takes a certain kind of character to run toward danger when everyone else is running away. But helping others isn’t about blind bravery. Instead, it’s about knowing how to assess a situation and make quick and calculated decisions about risks. Sometimes you act. Sometimes you wait for the appropriate backup and resources so a bad situation doesn’t escalate to a horrible disaster.

Attention to Detail

The first thing you’ll do when you approach an incident is assess the scene. Pay attention because your initial response is critical. The American Red Cross recommends a Check, Call, Care approach.

  • Check: First check the scene. Is the problem contained to one area or multiple? Is it safe for you to approach? Then check your resources. Do you have what you need to help someone who is injured? Is there someone who will be able to assist you? Next, check the people. Is anyone hurt? How many? And who needs your help first?
  • Call: In your earliest encounter, you need to decide whether to stay or go, fast or slow. Sometimes, there will be nothing you can do by yourself so you need to call for additional help.
  • Care: With proper First Responder training, you’ll know how to assess someone’s injuries and administer CPR or first aide. You’ll help stabilize the victim and get them the next phase of care they require.


As a First Responder, you will need to care for all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. You will need compassion and empathy. You will not see people at their best. Most of the times you will see them at their very worst. Can you still be kind?


It’s not easy to deal with emergencies as a part of your everyday life. Although being a First Responder can be very rewarding, there will be times you’ll see things you’d rather forget. People get injured. They die. That’s why it takes a tremendous amount of resiliency to get up and do your job every day.


What do you think? Do you have what it takes to be a First Responder? The Criminal Justice & First Response Program at YTI Career Institute can train you with the technical and professional skills you’ll need to work in such roles as an Emergency Medical Technician, Deputy Sheriff or a Law Enforcement Officer. Fill out the form and we’ll have someone answer all your questions.