If these skills apply to you, consider vocational training

If these skills apply to you, consider vocational training

Finding the right type of education to meet your interests

For years, there has been an emphasis placed on four-year education by society. However, vocational training can be a preferred choice among many young people to pursue specialized career paths not always offered in traditional settings.

Are you still deciding on what type of education is right for you? Take some time to see if your skillset lines up with that of someone who excels in a vocational training program.

Are you a quick learner?

Vocational programs offer a much quicker entry into the workforce. Many programs take less than a year to complete, meaning that you can start work sooner than other options. Instead of spending time learning material that may be unrelated to their future careers, these students can instead focus more on job-specific skills in classrooms that are meant to mirror workplace settings.

If you are a fast-learner and adapt quickly, the accelerated learning format featured within vocational training programs could be a great fit for you.

Do you enjoy hands-on work?

Everyone learns differently. Some people thrive in long lectures, while others learn best in a practical setting. Vocational training programs provide a hybrid of hands-on experiences, along with traditional classroom-style education to prepare students for their future career. Students are also taught by skilled instructors, who bring years of on-the-job knowledge to the classroom.

If you consider yourself to be someone who learns best by doing, take some time to explore different career paths you could take. Our career services specialists work hard to help you focus on a career path that best meets your goals and interests.

Are you good with computers?

Do you enjoy tinkering with computers and computer systems, or figuring out the inner workings of different kinds of appliances? Being tech-savvy is a great skill to have for those who are interested in pursuing careers that emphasize these interests and talents. Often times, students will work with equipment used by professionals in their chosen field.

For example, at YTI, we offer several information technology programs, like Computer Systems Specialist and Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. For those who are interested in working with different kinds of machinery, we also offer Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology.

If you find yourself possessing some or all of these skills, then pursuing a vocational training program might be the best option for you. Visit our website, http://www.TheFutureIWantNow.com/YTI, for more information.