What skills do you need to be a pastry chef?

What skills do you need to be a pastry chef?

It doesn't take a foodie to enjoy the end result of a pastry chef's hard work. Everyone loves the breads, rolls, cookies, cakes, pies, pastries, and other baked goods pastry chefs create daily. We should also appreciate the skills and talent of the chef under the toque, as there are many qualities needed to excel in the pastry arts.

Works of art
Pastry chefs create delicious works of art. Creativity is an essential quality as they plate desserts, decorate cakes and other confections including chocolate and sugar art decorations that are sure to please the sweetest tooth. They're also tasked to focus on the detailed decorating many pastries and cakes require.

Do the math
Pastry chefs must possess the basic math skills, including knowledge of fractions, needed to mix recipes and weigh ingredients. For chefs owning their own bakery shops, math skills are important for understanding budgeting, productions costs, and price setting.

It's a marathon
Pastry arts is an active career! Creating and baking can lead to extended periods where chefs are on their feet. They're standing while preparing dough, monitoring baking, and packaging baked goods. They lift and carry ingredients, occasionally weighing as much as 50 pounds.

Let's be clear
Effective communication is critical in the pastry arts. Pastry chefs working in retail must have good communication skills in order to deal effectively with customers. Communication is also important to those who oversee staff as a bakery shop owner or manager.

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